September 11, 2012

Sleepy today

* Tabeo is a Tablet for Kids from Toys R Us
Coming this Fall (but available for pre-order now) a “starter tablet” for the little ones. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Coupons for Pillsbury, Smart Ones, Kotex, and More!
This blog has links to coupons from I wrote this for the Deals Blog at

* 23andMe Has Extended the Deadline on Genetics 101 Quiz
There is still time to take the Genetics 101 “Back-to-School” course from 23andMe, to take the quiz, and to get a chance to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. I wrote this for the Genealogy Blog at

* Sky High Sports Has Time For Kids With Special Needs
Sky High Sports is an indoor playground in Naperville, Illinois. It has trampolines. The first Tuesday of every month has time set aside for families who have children with special needs. How nice! I wrote this for the Special Needs Blog at

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