September 30, 2012

Sunday blogs. Lots of blogs today!

* Give an Online Friend an “IRL” Gift Through Facebook
Soon, Facebook will have a Gift Store of “in real life” goods. Imagine the potential offline drama this could result in! I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Bagpipes are the solution!
A simple way to drown out the Westboro Baptist Church crazies is to bring two or three bagpipes to a funeral. I wrote this for No

* Working From Home is Good for the Environment
In this blog, I note the many reasons why working from home is much better for the environment than working outside of the home is. I wrote this for No

* Taco Tuesday
This is a little story about some strange events that happened while Shawn and I were at a Taco Tuesday at our local Taco Roco. I wrote this for No

* Take Your Family to a Buffet!
This blog talks about a deal at several buffets (that are all owned by the same company). If you are finding this blog right now, the deal is already over.

* Medicaid in Three States, and Some Roof Repairs
This is the Week In Review blog for the Insurance Blog at It has a brief explanation, (and a link to) all the blogs that went up over there in the past seven days.

* RootsTech 2013 is Coming!
RootsTech 2013 is one of the biggest genealogy conferences. It will be happening in March of 2013. “Early Birds” will get a discount on tickets.

* Homecoming, Halloween, Toy Catalogs, and More!
This is the Week in Review for the Special Needs Blog at It contains a brief description of (and a link to) all the blogs that went up there in the past seven days.

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