November 23, 2012

* An Airbus A360 Flew Over My House
A brief review of the Plane Finder app that Shawn likes. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Ways to Repurpose Chopsticks
What are you going to do with all those disposable chopsticks that came with your take-out? Here are a few ideas to try. I wrote this for the How To Save Blog at

* Deals at Friendly’s, IKEA, Del Taco, and More!
Going out to eat? Take advantage of these coupons and deals from a bunch of restaurants, fast food places and cafes. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at

* Insurance Help After Hurricane Sandy
Here is some advice about how to get help if your homeowners insurance company refused to cover damages after Hurricane Sandy. I wrote this for the Insurance Blog at

* Don’t Feed Your Pets Leftovers From Thanksgiving
Your dog or cat can get very sick from eating “people food”. VPI has important details about exactly how serious things can get. I wrote this for the Insurance Blog at

* Georgia Genealogy Resources
This is part of my series about the genealogy resources for each state. In this blog, I focused on resources for Georgia. I wrote this for the Genealogy Blog at

* Oklahoma Rules Public School Districts Can’t Sue Parents
An update about an ongoing battle in Oklahoma. Two school districts sued parents because the parents used a voucher to send their child with special needs to a private school. The Supreme Court of Oklahoma says the school districts cannot do that. I wrote this for the Special Needs Blog at

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