November 29, 2012, and November 30, 2012

Still sick, so not much work hit the blogs on these two days.
Prepare for an avalanche of blogs sometime in the near future! (Details later).

* Don’t Lose Money on Layaway
Right now, many stores are allowing shoppers to put items on layaway. Some layaway policies are a rip off! This blog has some advice about how to not lose money on layaway. I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at

* Cheap and Tasty Recipes With Cabbage
Cabbage is in season right now! Here are some inexpensive and tasty recipes with cabbage. My favorite is the one with bacon. I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at

* Playdom Games Don’t Require Facebook
Yes, you can play Gardens of Time without having a Facebook account! I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Zynga and Facebook Change their Relationship Status
They haven’t broken up, but are interested in a more open relationship. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Those Who Don’t Play Well With Others
Nobody likes dealing with a nasty “Net Troll”. Here’s my take on what makes them tick. I wrote this for the blog of the Group Quest podcast.

Bring on December!

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