December 12, 2012

Here is the stuff I wrote that popped up on various blogs today:

* Bird Buggy Amuses a Parrot
Behold, the Bird Buggy! It’s a robotic “ride” designed to give a pet parrot something to do. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Fun and Frugal Christmas Snacks
Are you going to be hosting a Christmas party this year? Here’s some ideas for fun Christmas themed snacks that are inexpensive to make. I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at

* Barnes & Noble has 8 Huge Holiday Sales
Now is the time to plunder the many sales at Barnes & Noble. Sales include toys, books, boxes of Christmas cards, Bibles, and at least one version of the Nook. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at

* Keep Pets Safe from Outdoor Seasonal Dangers
VPI has some advice for pet owners who have a pet that primarily lives outside. Don’t let the Winter weather cause harm to your beloved pet! I wrote this for the Insurance Blog at

* New Hampshire Genealogy
This is part of my series about the genealogy resources for individual states. I wrote this for the Genealogy Blog at

* A Roundup of Resources About Autism
Here’s a quick list of online resources that can help parents of children who have autism. At least one of these resources should be able to answer the questions that you have. I wrote this for the Special Needs Blog at

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