February 1, 2013

Here’s a quick list of blogs that went up today.

* You May Have to Reset Your Twitter Password
Details about why are in the blog post. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Inexpensive Handmade Valentines
Here are some easy ideas for creating handmade valentines. These are easy enough for kids to do. Small children may need a little help from a parent. I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at FreeCoupons.com.

* Deals at Yogurtland, Quizno’s, IHOP, and More!
Before you head out the door, check out these deals at a bunch of restaurants and fast food places. Some deals in this blog are specifically designed to help you feed the crowd at your Super Bowl Party. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at Families.com.

* The New February Coupons are Ready!
This blog has links to a batch of brand new coupons from Coupons.com. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at Families.com.

* Insurance Journal Poll: Who Will Win the Super Bowl?
Wonder which team that insurance professionals would predict would win the Super Bowl? Insurance Journal asked, and came up with some interesting data. I wrote this for the Insurance Blog at Families.com.

* Utah Bill Would Require Coverage for Autism Treatment
If this bill passes into law, it will require (most) private insurance companies to cover the cost of autism treatment in health insurance plans. It would also add Utah to the list of states that already require it. I wrote this for the Special Needs Blog at Families.com.

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