Blogs from Easter Weekend and April Fool’s Day

These blogs may, or may not, have anything to do with the holidays in the title of this post. However, they were written on those days, so I figured that would be a good title for this collection of writing.

* Book Sandwich: Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Here is my review of Freakonomics. I finally found time to read it! I wrote this for the Book Sandwich section of No Market.

* YouTube Prepares to Announce a Winner
Here is a quick round-up of some of the creative, and fun, April Fool’s Day pranks that various companies released today. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Deals at Sbarro, Bob Evans, Stevi B’s, and More!
Here are some restaurant deals that are going on now through April 9, 2013. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at

* Save on In Season Produce in April
Every month, there are certain kinds of fruits and vegetables that are in season. This is when you can pick them up for the lowest price! Print out this list of the produce that is in season in April, and take it with you to the grocery store. I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at

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