April 4 – 6, 2013

* National Poetry Month: Excerpt from Haiku of Frustration: Wage Slave
April is National Poetry Month, and I have decided to celebrate it by posting poetry in the Poetry Channel of No Market. I started off by sharing 4 of the poems that are in my book Haiku of Frustration: Wage Slave (which can be found at Lulu.com).

* National Poetry Month: Roger Ebert
For this National Poetry Month blog, I share with you the haiku I wrote after I heard that Roger Ebert had died. I wrote this for the Poetry Channel of No Market.

* Judge Rules Plan B Must be Available Without Prescription
This is great news for women (and for those who love women). A judge has ruled that the FDA must make Plan-B (and other forms of emergency contraception) available over-the-counter without point-of-sale restrictions. I wrote this for No Market.

* Zynga No Longer Requires Facebook
You can now play games at Zynga.com without having a Facebook account. Also, Zynga released Zynga Plus Poker in the UK. I wrote this for Geek News Central.

* Deals at Powell’s, Kohl’s, Gap, and More!
This blog has information on current sales. Powell’s has a sale on poetry books. Kohl’s has a sale on swimwear. Michaels has a bunch of coupons. Kmart has a clothing clearance sale. Gap has a discount code. Barnes & Noble has a sale on a Vera Bradley designed zip ID case. Target has a bra & panty sale. Starbucks has a special deal for My Starbucks Rewards members. Details are in the blog. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at Families.com.

* Deals at Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and More!
Before you take your family (or just yourself) out to eat, check out this blog. There could be a deal in there that will save you some money. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at Families.com.

* Frugal Ideas for Rainy Day Fun
Here are a bunch of fun things to entertain the kids with on a rainy day. They won’t cost you a thing! I wrote this for the How to Save Blog at FreeCoupons.com.

* Free and Frugal Kids Events in April
Need something inexpensive for your kids to do? Do they enjoy making crafts? This blog has a list of upcoming craft events at Lowe’s, Michael’s, and Lakeshore Learning. I wrote this for the Deals Blog at Families.com.